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draw & explore:
Flowers, Plants and Botanical Art


Saturday 8/7/23 

2-4 pm


Discover the joy of drawing flowers and plants from life and create your own botanical artworks inspired by artists throughout history.

what you will learn

Practice observational and expressive drawing techniques working from life and 'en plein air', explore both traditional and contemporary botanical art, creating work with colour, line and tone. 

what you will need

You will need a sketchbook and a pencil, all additional materials will be provided.

Where is the workshop 

The workshop will take place at Waterloo park in Norwich. This 1900's park with original architectural features and an array of flowers and plants also has free parking and a cafe. We will be meeting outside of the front of Waterloo Park Pavilion at 2 pm.


when you book

Once you've made the booking you will be emailed the invitation. PayPal and cash payments accepted. Any questions please contact

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